Turkey Bacon Ranch Crescent Ring- With Guac!

We ADORE anything with turkey, bacon, and ranch around here. Bonus points if it has avocado, too. I normally get us our fix by making some sandwiches in my Panini press. Don’t get me wrong- they are beyond yummy, but it takes forrrrreeeeeverrrrr to cook one at a time. While my love is eating his Panini, I am still assembling and cooking the rest. I got the idea to make this crescent ring, and I am so glad I tried it. The whole thing was done at the same time so we could actually eat together (too bad we didn’t because he was working on his truck…) This is great for a quick, satisfying meal, and the refrigerated dough is beyond easy to work with.


I was expecting some trial and error, but the vey first ring was divine. It was easy to assemble, and didn’t take long in the oven. I put the turkey on top to keep the liquid ingredients from spilling over, but you can assemble it in any order you choose. Continue reading “Turkey Bacon Ranch Crescent Ring- With Guac!”

Dipped S’mores From Scratch


I’ve tried to make it clear that I am a teacher documenting her summer break, and what is summer without s’mores? All you need for traditional s’mores are three ingredients and a fire. But I have a confession to make. While my last blog post featured a super simple recipe, I can sometimes be a little “extra” in the kitchen. I could use graham crackers from a box, marshmallows from a bag, and good ole chocolate bars… OR I could make everything from scratch. Continue reading “Dipped S’mores From Scratch”