Simple Beaded Charm Bracelet

Jewelry making is not a hobby I do frequently. No, making jewelry is something I save for when I’m really, truly in the mood for it. Some days I have the patience to attach a bunch of beads to pins, and some days I don’t. My very first blogger fangirl girl crush, Rebecca at MyGirlishWhims, is everything I aspire to be. I discovered her blog back in college in the days of StumbleUpon. Pinterest wasn’t really even a thing yet. We both started our weight loss journeys at the same time- the only difference is that she kept hers off. She has been an ambassador for Cousin Beads for quite a while now, and my jaw drops every time she shares a beading/jewelry tutorial. The girl has major skills. Some day, I’ll be on her beading-goddess level. But for now, I’ll share this charm bracelet tutorial with you.


Simple Beaded Charm Bracelet

You will need:


Charm Bracelet supplies


One charm bracelet blank- I got mine for 50% off at Hobby Lobby

A strand of 10mm beads

6-8 Charms of your choice

Small beads- mine were taken from a broken keychain, but you can easily find similar beads

Head pins for beading

Open jump rings

Jewelry pliers


To assemble the bracelet:

 1. Using pliers, twist open the jump ring on your first charm. Always twist them open rather than pulling. Pulling will weaken the metal. Place the open ring in a hoop of the charm bracelet blank. Twist the ring closed with pliers.


Charm bracelet step 1


2. Continue until all charms have been attached. Space them according to how many charms and hoops you have.


Charm Bracelet Step 2


3. Now, take one of your small black beads and thread it on a head pin.


Charm Bracelet Head Pin Step 3


4. Using flat pliers, bend the pin at a 90-degree angle directly above the bead.


Charm Bracelet Step 4


5. Cut the pin so the end is short, as pictured. You may need to experiment with size, based on the size of your round pliers.


Charm Bracelet Step 5


6. Next, grip the very end of the pin with your round pliers.


Charm Bracelet Step 6


7. Twist with your wrist to roll the pin into a round hole as pictured.


Charm Bracelet Step 7


8. Next, open the jump rings on the charms and slide one end pin with black bead on each charm’s ring.


Charm Bracelet Step 8


9. Repeat steps 3-7 with the round beads and more black beads. Attach one round bead and one black bead to a jump ring, then attach to each empty ring on the bracelet. At this point, I added a charm that says “Made With Love.” It isn’t necessary, but it is super cute when you are giving it as a gift.


Charm Bracelet Step 9



All done! Your bracelet is ready for gifting or wearing!


Charm Bracelet Final


This one went to my mom, to match the doggie earrings she recently got from a fundraiser. Now she can show off how much she loves her doggies. Who wouldn’t love these girls?!


Charm Bracelet Dog

Charm Bracelet Dog 2


I also made a second charm bracelet for a librarian friend who recently retired. (Shhhh don’t tell her. I still need to give it to her.) Aren’t the books super cute? I also included a green four-leaf clover because she was born on St. Patrick’s Day.


Charm Bracelet Books


Have you ever made your own jewelry? Is it something you want to try? It really is easier than it looks, it can just be a little bit time-consuming. Making jewelry is a great activity during a long Netflix binge. Get comfy, grab a snack, and grab your tools!



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